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Changing Bag Care

Caring for your BebeSak Changing Bag

General Baby Bag Care

Taking care of your BebeSak changing bag will ensure it lasts for years. Avoid scuffing or scaping your bag against rough surfaces or on the ground, causing scratches and tears. It is natural that the base and corners of any bag will wear first and this is considered within our normal range of ‘wear and tear’. Treated leather edges may wear or crack over time, depending on how you care for it, it’s use and on environmental conditions.

Our bags are water resistant and designed for use in rain. Should  your bag become excessively wet, wipe it dry, pack it loosely with a clean uncoloured cloth or brown paper and allow to air dry. Never submerge your bag completely in water.

Do not allow your bag to come into contact with non-fast colour dyes as they will discolour your bag e.g. dyed clothing or other fabrics. Exposing your bag to excessive heat may also cause discolouration e.g. strong sunlight, radiators etc.

Vegan Leather Bag Care

We recommend cleaning the exterior of your leather changing bag with a slightly damp soft natural fibre cloth.

Cleaning Bag Interior

All our bags are lined with an easy wipe clean water resistant material. Do not put your BebeSak bag in a washing machine. Wipe the interior with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.

Bag Zips

If your zips get stuck do not use force to yank it free. Use a tiny bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly to loosen the zip and very gently work it free. It should return to normal after some gentle opening and closing. Avoid getting jelly on the fabric of your BebeSak as it could stain. Avoid opening a fully loaded bag holding it by the zip only, this will cause the zip to become strained. Open it when holding your bag or supporting the base.

Bag Hardware

All BebeSak hardware is polished and coated but will eventually become worn over time. Keep it looking it’s best by occasionally wiping with a soft lint free cloth.

Velcro Attachments

It is recommended that your de-fluff the velcro regularly to keep it sticky.

For all queries regarding your BebeSak you can contact us as below;

BebeSak Ireland

24 School Lane, Dunleer, Co. Louth, Ireland A92 A251

Tel/Text/WhatsApp: 00353 (0)86 3522191