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Baby Changing Bags

BebeSak is an Irish brand Baby Changing Bag with an emphasis on quality, workmanship and style. Choose one of our contemporary design baby changing bags to keep all your baby essentials organised while on the go. Discover our range of classic shoulder baby bags, changing bag backpacks and unisex changing bags.

Caring for your BebeSak

  • Do not machine wash or tumble dry,
  • Wipe clean with a lint free damp cloth and air dry,
  • De-fluff velcro regularly to keep it sticky,
  • Do not expose to extreme heat,
  • Clean hardware with a dry soft lint free cloth,
  • If zips become stuck, work in a tiny bit of vaseline or petroleum jelly and gently open and close the zip several times. Be sure not to get jelly on the bag fabric as it may stain.