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Find Your Perfect Baby Changing Bag

best baby changing bags

Finding your perfect baby changing bag can be more difficult than it sounds. With so many baby shops offering a vast array of changing bag styles, colours and sizes, it’s so easy to lose focus on exactly what you are looking for. To help clear up some of the confusion, we have put together a short and simple baby bag guide to make your choice a little easier.

baby changing bag
Aisling Tote Peony €64.50
designer baby changing bag
Aisling Grey €64.50

Regardless of your preferred baby changing bag colour or design, choosing a serviceable and easy to manage bag is paramount. Would a backpack changing bag be best, leaving your hands free for shopping or for attending to your baby? Or a messenger style bag, with it’s easy cross body or shoulder carrying options?

pink baby changing bags
Riona Blush Pink Vegan Leather €92.50

Whatever your maternity bag choice, there are some basic functions you won’t want to be without.

  1. Insulated bottle pockets or holders to keep baby’s bottle warm while out and about. Alternatively, insulated pockets also keep cool fluids cool during hotter weather
  2. Easy wipe interior and exterior, for those inevitable spills
  3. Buggy attachment straps (some models come without integrated straps so we stock universal buggy clips)
  4. Enough space for all your baby essentials, especially if you have twins.

A stylish tote style or shoulder changing bag that doesn’t look like a changing bag are very popular as they can double as a handbag and be used long after baby has outgrown the need for a bag.

grey baby changing bag
Aisling Grey €64.50

We love backpack changing bags, especially those with padded or adjustable back straps. Changing backpacks are ideal for those who suffer from lower back pain. Even better, you can hang your changing backpack on your buggy/pram so you don’t have to carry anything at all.

vegan leather backpack nappy baby changing bag
Avoca Bel Black €72.00
baby changing bag
Avoca Bel Grey €72.00
black baby changing bag backpack
Lismore Black €78.00

We hope this info helps you make your choice and if you would like to see all our baby changing bags you can find them here.

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