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Changing Bag Checklist. Your Baby Essentials.

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Did you know that baby changing bags are for more than carrying wipes, bottles and nappies? Many Mums to-be ask “Do I need a changing bag?” Our answer is “Yes”. Changing bags have lots of handy pockets and pouches so everything is kept organised and within easy reach.

Babies need a LOT of stuff every time you leave the house, even for a quick run to the shops, and you need something to carry all that stuff and that’s where your baby changing bag will very quickly become your new best friend. So let’s get to the list of what you need to pack in your change bag.

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Nappy Changing

Babies need nappy changes up to 12 times a day and that means that you will probably have to do one or more nappy changes while on the go. Most changing bags come with a changing mat, which is so handy for hygienic changes. You will also need to pack several nappies, wipes and tissues and don’t forget a bag to store the dirty nappy. Plus whatever baby creams and ointments you will need.

If your bag includes a waterproof pouch then great, you have somewhere to store wet clothes or bibs until you get home.

vegan leather backpack nappy baby changing bag
Avoca Bel Black €72.00
baby changing bag
Avoca Bel Grey €72.00

A Change of Clothes

Always carry a complete change of clothes and several bibs for those inevitable dribble or spill accidents. You may also want to pack some muslin squares or a breastfeeding cover.

pink leather baby changing bag backpack
Riona Backpack €92.50

Bottles & Drinks

Make sure you get a maternity bag with at least 1 insulated bottle pocket or detachable bottle holder. If you are out for longer trips you will need more than one bottle. Insulated pockets keep baby’s bottle warm for several hours, which saves on running around looking for a microwave. Insulated bottle pockets also keep cool fluids cooler for much longer especially in warmer weather.

black baby changing bag
Aisling Polka Dot Black €64.50

Soothers & Accessories

For some babies, soothers are an essential and don’t forget a toy or two if they are old enough. You will also need a secure pocket for your own bits ‘n bobs – purse, keys, phone etc.

baby changing bag
Aisling Peony €64.50

Short List

  1. Nappies & cream
  2. Changing mat
  3. Muslin cloths
  4. Bottles
  5. Water bottle
  6. Spare bag / wet pouch
  7. Hand sanitiser
  8. Snacks
  9. Soothers
  10. Toys

Try to keep your packing to a minimum, you will find your bag getting heavier the longer you carry it. This is where changing bag backpacks come into their own, they spread the load and make carrying much easier. You can also clip your bag to your buggy or pram and save yourself a lot of work.

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